Later’s Conversations inbox shows you a feed of your most recent Instagram comments, so you won’t ever miss a comment from an older post. 

From Later on the web you’ll be able to view, respond to and delete comments to stay engaged with your followers.

Note: Due to Instagram API Updates, Conversations is now only available for Instagram Business Profiles, and cannot support viewing based on users.

The Conversations inboxes sort comments by:

  1. Inbox View: Your most recent comments, added in chronological order.
  2. Post View: Comments by post, starting with the most recently published post.

Important: Later’s Conversations feature is offered on Later’s Business plans (Starting at Premium).

Step 1: Choose how you’d like to sort your comments

From Later on the web go to the Conversations page and select the Instagram account you want to manage comments for.

Now, choose the Inbox you’d like to view your comments from (Inbox View or Post View).

Tip: If responses are time sensitive, we recommend starting with the Conversations Inbox View. This shows you the most recent comments!

Important: Due to Instagram limitations, Later can only show the comments made on your last two weeks of posts. The good news is that this is usually when most comments happen!

Step 2: Respond to Comments (Business Profiles only)

Select the comment or post you’d like to respond to.

Enter your response and click Reply.

Note: Threaded comments will appear as a single comment, and when responding to a thread, it will also appear as a single comment.

Step 3: Delete Comments 

If you’re seeing inappropriate comments or self-promotion on your Instagram, you can quickly delete these from Later.

Tip: if you have a specific comment in mind, you can quickly go to the Inbox view and search for the comment by the Instagram handle or text.

For quick delete from the Inbox View, hover on top of the comment and click the Trash Icon

If you’re on Post View, select the post or comment, scroll down and hover on top of the comment.

Click Delete Comment.

Now you’re ready to start tracking and replying to more people in a shorter amount of time!

Once you’ve already read and responded to all of your comments and want to do a quick refresh to see the newest comments, simply click the Refresh button. 

The new incoming posts will be listed under New while the previously loaded comments will be listed under Older.

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