With your Linkin.bio page helping you drive more sales and traffic from your Instagram to your product pages, it’s important to monitor the clicks and visits your Linkin.bio page generates over time. That way you can see if your audience is engaging with your posts and interested in learning more about the products and content you host on your feed.

Start by tracking the total number of visits, clicks, and average click per post coming from your Linkin.bio page with your  Pro Instagram Analytics. Then use Google Analytics to track the revenue and sales coming right from your Instagram!

Step 1: Go to Instagram Analytics Dashboard

Go to your Analytics Dashboard from Later on the web and select the Instagram account you'd like to view analytics for.

Step 2: Linkin.bio Engagement Graph

Go to your Pro Instagram Analytics page and choose the date range you'd like to view your reports for, then click the Linkin.bio Clicks tab.

From here you can monitor:

  1. engagement rate overtime (clicks) 
  2. total number of clicks  (the total number of times someone clicked on any post in your Linkin.bio page)
  3. total number of views on your Linkin.bio page (the total number of times the Linkin.bio page was viewed - unique views) 
  4. average number of clicks you're posts receive.

Step 3: Track Total Number of Clicks Per Post

To  track the total number clicks each of your posts get on your Linkin.bio page, scroll to the bottom of the page to find a table with the total number of clicks per post from your Linkin.bio page.

Tip: Look at the post with the most clicks and see if there’s a correlation between the number of clicks and the product/content you shared or the type of caption you used. This information should give you some guidance on how to optimize your future Instagram posts to get the most engagement.

Step 4: Track Sales with Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can also track your e-commerce sales to see exactly how much money you’ve made from each Instagram post. To help you do this, Later will automatically generate a unique UTM Code to track your click rates, sales and conversion rates coming from your Linkin.bio page. 

Your Unique UTM Code will be composed of:


Ex. later-linkinbio-latermedia

Tracking Overall Sales/Conversion:

Here's how your can find the total number of sales and revenue coming from your Instagram account. First head over to your Google Analytics report and select a date range.

  1. Click Acquisition
  2. All Channels
  3. Social
  4. Select Instagram

If you have multiple Linkin.bio pages choose Campaign as a secondary dimension to see the breakdown of sales based on each Linkin.bio page. 

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