What is Linkin.bio?

Linkin.bio helps you build a clickable, shoppable Instagram feed so you can direct your followers to the right content and products right from your Instagram! By adding links to your posts, you can begin to design an interactive page that is meant to look and feel just like your Instagram feed.

To help optimize and monitor the traffic and sales coming from your linkin.bio, Later's Pro Instagram Analytics give you insights into the total number of page views, clicks per post, plus tracking conversion and sales -- right from your Google Analytics.

How it works:

  • Linkin.bio must be added as the link on your Instagram profile bio
  • The Linkin.bio link directs followers to a web- and mobile-optimized landing page that displays your Instagram posts as clickable images
  • Add links to posts while scheduling, or to old posts through the Linkin.bio management page
  • Monitor the clicks on your Linkin.bio page with Later Linkin.bio Analytics

Note: You must use the full link -- link shorteners like goo.gl or bit.ly will interfere with how linkin.bio is set up!

Step 1: Setup your Linkin.bio

Go to your Social Profiles & Groups page and go into the Group that contains your Instagram account. 

Next click on the Instagram account to open up the menu and click Linkin.bio 

You will be taken to the Linkin.bio set-up wizard which will allow you to:

  • Add a link to your website
  • Edit the text for your website button
  • Enable hero images for your most recent post
  • Enable UTM tracking for Google Analytics

Step 2: Build your Linkin.bio page

Tip: No one likes a blank page, so before giving your followers access to your Linkin.bio page, make sure to go back and add links to your past posts

You can add links to new posts while you are scheduling, or go back and add links to posts that you had previously posted to Instagram (with or without Later!)

Add links to new scheduled posts:

Go to your Calendar page, and from here you can create a new post and add the link you want to direct your audience.

Tip: Save time by skipping the http:// or www. Simply type in the main url and the domain ex. later.com

Add links to published posts on Instagram:

If you are new to Later, or you just want to go back and add links to old posts, you can add links to posts that have already been published on Instagram.

Start by heading over to your Linkin.bio management page, where you will see a combination of posts that you have scheduled and posts that are already live on Instagram.

To add a link to a post that has already been posted on Instagram, select the image from your “Instagram feed” in your Linkin.bio management page. Once you have selected an image, you will be able to add or edit the link for that post!

Once you have added links to past posts, you can check out what your Linkin.bio page looks like!

Note: Multi-photo posts will only appear as the first photo on your linkin.bio page.

Step 3: Add your Linkin.bio link in your Instagram Profile

Important: This step is necessary for your linkin.bio page to work! 

Your URL for your linkin.bio page will will be formatted like this:  linkin.bio/<your IG profile>

You can find your linkin.bio URL from your management page:

Finally, go to your Instagram profile and add the link in your bio.

Step 4: Monitor your Linkin.bio clicks with Analytics 

With your Linkin.bio page helping you drive more sales and traffic from your Instagram to your product pages, it’s important to monitor the clicks and visits your Linkin.bio page generates over time. You can find out more about Linkin.bio Analytics here.

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