Your Visual Instagram Planner helps you plan a beautiful Instagram feed by previewing your photos and videos with your current feed. Then you can rearrange the order of the photos or swap one photo for another, simply by dragging and dropping! Once you’re happy with the look of your feed, simply save the changes to bulk schedule all the photos.

In two quick steps:

  1. Create your own Quick Schedule using Later on the web.
  2. Preview, plan, and rearrange your photos from Preview.

Step 1: Create your own Instagram Quick Schedule

To plan and schedule with your Visual Instagram Planner, you’ll first need to create your own weekly Quick Schedule by selecting the ideal posting times from your content calendar. This is so we know when to schedule posts that you drag and drop to your visual Instagram planner!

Tip: Don't know what your ideal posting times are? Check out our Best Time to Post feature! 

To add a time-slot to your weekly Quick Schedule, simply double click on the time you would like to create a time slot. You can then drag and drop your time slot on your calendar. We suggest creating a time slot each day -- they'll re-occur on a weekly basis, so there's no need to create them each week!

Important: Posts scheduled through Quick Schedule and the Visual Planner will be scheduled as a Notification post. To change the single image post to Auto Publish, go back to your Instagram calendar and change your posts from Notifications to Auto

Step 2: Plan Your Instagram Feed

On Later on the Web, click Preview in the top right corner of your content calendar to access your Visual Instagram Planner.

Your Visual Instagram Planner will show:

  • Your scheduled posts (you can re-arrange these).
  • A list of the scheduled posts with the scheduled times & dates. 

To preview your photos in your feed, select the photos and videos from the side library in the order you wish them to appear in your Instagram feed.

Next, click Add to Preview or drag and drop the photos into the visual planner

Change the order of your photos by dragging your posts around to rearrange the look of your feed. 

Once you’re happy with the way your photos are organized, click Save Changes. The scheduled dates & times will be reflected in the Post Schedule list located to the right. 

You can delete a photo that doesn’t fit by clicking the X in the corner, or drag more photos onto your feed from your media library on the left side. 

Note: You will only be able to see up to 60 upcoming scheduled posts on your visual Instagram planner. 

And you're done!

Your photos will be Quick Scheduled for you, ready for you to add a caption and hashtags.

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