Organize your media with labels so you can quickly find the right photos at the right time! 

Step 1: Bulk Upload Photos & Videos

Go to your Media Library from Later on the web.

Select a group of photos/videos that you'd like to organize together then drag & drop them from your desktop/dropbox directly into Later. 

Important: All the photos will be auto selected ready to be labelled.

Step 2: Group Label your Media 

With all of the media auto-selected: click  Add Labels at the top of the page and enter keywords to help classify the content. All of the labels entered will only be added to the photos selected. 

Note: use key words that will categorize the photos by campaign, colour scheme, photographer etc. Remember, these labels are there to help you better organize your content so you can easily search and filter through your photos when scheduling.   

Once you've added the new labels or existing labels, click  Apply Labels to save the changes

Tip: Use multiple labels to distinguish between your media items, that way you can begin to limit your media search to only those that include all the labels entered in your search

Step 3: Search For Media from Side Library

Once you've labelled all of your media, you'll now be able to quickly search and filter through your photos and videos when scheduling your posts. Simply go to your content calendar and from the side library select Filters. 

Now select or deselect labels to start filtering your media.

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