What are Groups?

Later Groups help you manage access to your photos, videos, and Instagram accounts within Later. Now you can have multiple Media Libraries, so you don’t have to share your photos and videos with all your Instagram accounts and team members.

Here’s how groups work:

  • Media can be easily transferred between groups or you can bulk upload new media to build an exclusive inventory of photos and videos
  • A team member can help manage multiple groups, but must be invited in order to access a group’s media library, social profiles and calendar. This well help restrict access to sensitive media and social profiles.
  • Media items are attached to a group and not to a social profile. When moving social profiles between groups, only the posts will move, not the media.    

Can I Create Groups?

Groups is a feature available only for paid plans. If you’re already on a paid plan all you need to do is go to Later on the web to start creating your first group! If you’re on a free plan check out a plan that’s right for you!

Now that you have access, let’s create our first group!

Step 1: Create a Group

Create multiple groups to organize your Media Library by social profiles and team member access.  

From Later on the web, go to your Calendar

At the bottom left corner of the menu click the Group Selector. This is your default group or Main Group.

Click Manage My Groups to go to the Social Profiles & Groups Admin page.

Next, click Create New Group at the top of the page and add a name to your group

Finally, add a profile picture to your group to easily distinguish & toggle between groups

Simply click EDIT beside the group’s name and click on the Group avatar to add a photo and Save.

Step 2: Add Social Profiles to your Group

Create a group to manage access to your photos and videos and separate media by social profile(s).

From the Social Profiles tab click Add Social Profile

This will give you two options:

  1. Connect a new social profile
  2. Move an existing social profile to this group

Choose whether you’d like to add a new social profile or transfer an existing social profile into your new group. Follow the steps provided.

IMPORTANT: When moving existing social profiles to a new group, only the scheduled posts will be copied over to the Group’s calendar. To move old media between groups you will need to Transfer the media over. 

Step 3: Invite Team Members

Invite team members to collaborate in a group! Remember, your team members will only have access to the photos, videos and social profiles connected to the group(s) you invite them to.

Note: Initially, your default group will be accessible to all of your team members. If you have sensitive media in your default group make sure to remove team members from the Social Profiles & Groups Admin page.  

Inviting existing team members:

  1. Go to Settings > Social Profiles & Groups
  2. Click Details next to the relevant Group and select the Team Members tab
  3. Click Assign Team Members

Finally, select Assign beside the name of the team member you’d like to invite to this group.

Adding new team members:

If you want to invite a brand new team member to help manage your social profiles:

  1.  Go to Settings > Team Members 
  2. Click Add New Team Member and add in their name and email
  3.  Click Invite User This will send your team member an email invite to Later.

4. To finish, go back to the group by clicking Social Profiles & Groups from the side menu and clicking Details next to the relevant group

Once in the Group select Team Members > Assign Team Member and select the relevant member. 

Tip: You can remove team members from any group at any time. Simply go to the group, select the Team Member tab and click Remove beside the team member’s name

Step 5: Manage Multiple Groups with One Later Account

Now that you know how to create a group, add a collection of social profiles, and invite team members to join, you can start creating multiple groups to efficiently manage your social profiles and strategically collaborate with multiple teams.

And don’t worry, we’ve got you! Our new dashboard is designed to make it simpler and more intuitive to manage groups of social profiles. Just toggle between groups, add media, and schedule.

Toggle Between Groups from the new dashboard:

All of your groups will contain their own:

  • Media Library
  • Social Profile(s)
  • Calendar
  • List of team members with access

To toggle between Groups, select the Group Selected found in the bottom left of the sidebar. This is how you’ll switch between groups and start scheduling your posts.

Once you’re in the group you can begin bulk uploading all your photos and videos to build an exclusive Media Library, schedule your week of posts, or manage the group’s social profile(s) and user permissions.  

Transfer Media Between Groups

We’ve designed an efficient way for you to transfer media (photos & videos) between your Groups. That way you don’t have to upload your old media all over again.

  1. Go to the Group that contains the media you wish to transfer.
  2. Go to the Group’s Media Library by clicking the Media Library Icon found on the left side menu.
  3. From the Media Library, drag to select multiple media items or select one at a time.
  4. Next, click the Move button and select the Group you’d like to transfer media to and confirm.

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