From your Media Library, you can add Media Notes to your images and videos to help save you time in the future. 

Media Notes are there to help you:

  • better prepare your content messaging (captions)
  • communicate content guidelines to your teammates 
  • to give yourself a reminder to credit a certain photographer 

We also recommend drafting your captions for your photos with media notes! Since the notes are attached to the media item, media notes will automatically copy over into the caption field when the photo is scheduled!

Add a generic caption to your photos and then schedule the same photo to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. The note will automatically copy into the caption field, ready to be edited for the specific caption style of the social profile.

Step 1:  Add Notes to your Media:

  1. From the Media Library page, select a media item 
  2. Next, click  Notes under the photo and enter your text
  3. Click Update when you are ready to save. 

When creating your posts, you’ll be able to preview your notes by selecting the media item from the side library and clicking Show Media Notes.

Step 2: Schedule your Week of Posts 

Now that you've drafted all of your captions with Media Notes, you can start scheduling your week of posts! The notes will automatically be added in the caption field so make edits as you wish. 

Tip: bulk schedule multiple photos at a time by creating your ideal Quick Schedule queue.

Note: When creating a post, the media item copies over the notes into the caption field but feel free to edit them directly on the post. The original note attached to the media item will not be updated. You can also change the media notes on a media item even after being used to create a post. When you update the notes on the media item the captions will not be affected on the post already scheduled.

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