Search & Repost lets you search Instagram by hashtag to collect user generated content from your community and add that content to your Later Media Library. You can then schedule this user content generated to your own Instagram account.

How to use Search and Repost:

1. Sign into Later on the web -- make sure you are in the correct Group that you would like to use Search & Repost with.

2. Select the Search & Repost tab.

3. From here you can search for specific #hashtags:

Reminder: Make sure to connect with the Instagram user directly on Instagram and ask for permission to use their content.

4. Select the photo you'd like to repost, and click Add to Library to add the photo to your Media Library:

Note: the captions and hashtags used by the post owner will be saved to the media item, but due to the new API limitations, username mentions will no longer be included.

5. Finally, schedule your post and publish it to your Instagram profile.

Tips on how to ask Instagram Users for Permission to use their Content

Instagram's Community Guidelines clearly state that no user should repost any content without permission from the account owner.

  • Comment on the photo ⟹ Add a comment on the photo you want to use with an @mention to the user. This way, they'll be notified of your comment and see that it's directed to them. 
  • Direct Message the person via Instagram ⟹ If you don't want anyone to see your comment, you can send the user a DM (direct message) through Instagram's DM box. For users who receive a lot of comments on photos, this may be a better choice as comments tend to get lost in the stream. 
  • Connect with the person via email ⟹ If the user includes their email or other social media handles in their bio, it might be better to reach out to them through email rather than Instagram. An email appears more professional, and won't get lost in the notifications and noise on Instagram.

Tip: When you ask permission be sure to include where you want to post the photo -  is it on a personal account or a brand account? - and the purpose/use of the photo. Let the user know up-front what their content will be used for by providing all the necessary information.

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