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How Facebook Scheduling and Publishing Works
Scheduling Facebook Posts

Add your Facebook Business Page to Later to schedule and Auto Publish posts. 


  • You can schedule posts to Facebook Business Pages only. Facebook doesn’t support scheduling to personal profiles. Later doesn’t support Facebook Groups at this time.  
  • Scheduled posts must include a Media Item. Later doesn’t support text and URL-only posts at this time. 
  • Tagging for Facebook is not available at this time. 

How Facebook Scheduling and Publishing Works

  • Scheduling: Schedule posts to your Facebook Business Page.
  • Publishing: All Facebook posts are Auto Published. 
  • Post limit: You get the same number of Facebook posts per month as you do for Instagram.
  • URLs: URLs in Facebook posts are clickable. 
  • Video: Video posts are available for paid plans only.
  • Multi-Photo posts: A Multi-Photo post can include up to 10 photos, or 1 GIF, or 1 video. They’re available for paid plans only.
  • Captions: Captions have a limit of 1,000 characters. 

Scheduling Facebook Posts

1. Go to your Calendar in Later on the web.
2. Select your Facebook Page at the top.
3. To save time, drag and drop the media you want to schedule onto your Calendar.
4. Edit your post:

5. Set the date and time you want the post to go out.
6. Hit Save to schedule the post.

Your post will be automatically published to your Facebook Business Page at its scheduled time.

Tip: To bulk schedule Facebook posts, create your own Quick Schedule for Facebook. 

Note: When you schedule a Multi-Photo post on Later, it will show up as a photo album post on Facebook, not a carousel.

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