We've designed a Media Library with your success in mind. With the new Media Library you can easily store and manage your visual content in a single place. Your media library automatically syncs between the web and the Later mobile app!

Take advantage of bulk uploads to add your media (photos and videos) from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive, and effectively organize your content with labels for easy retrieval and scheduling

Step 1: Upload your media

Select and drag multiple photos and videos from your desktop or Dropbox and drop them directly into Later on the web. Upload as many as you wish! Photos and videos (videos only for paid accounts) don’t count towards your post count until you’ve scheduled your post.

Continue to work in Later while your photos and videos are uploading, we don’t make you watch a progress bar!

Note: You can also bulk upload your photos and videos on the go from the Later mobile app.

Step 2: Organize your Media with Labels 

Keeping your photos and videos organized is an essential part of your content strategy. That's why Labels let you organize your media by keywords that categorize your content by campaign, style, name of creative or even color scheme. 

That way, when it's time for you or your teammates to schedule posts you can search the right label, quickly find the photos/videos that you intended to use for that week and schedule them out. 

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