Having a hard time finding unique, relevant hashtags for your posts? Later's Hashtag Suggestions can help!


How to Use Hashtag Suggestions

Hashtag Suggestions can help you find relevant hashtags to add to your post. Here’s how:

  1. In Later on the web, create a post from any Media Item.
  2. Click Hashtag Suggestions under the Post Caption field. 
  3. In the Hashtag Suggestions window, enter a hashtag you want to find suggestions for.
  4. Select the hashtags you want to insert or Select All.
  5. Hit Insert Hashtags to insert your selected hashtags into your post.
  6. Hit Done

Tip: Create Saved Captions with your most frequently used hashtags to save time.
Hashtag Suggestions will generate up to 30 related hashtags at once, sorted by relevance. You’ll also see how many posts have used each hashtag. 

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