Transferring account ownership over to someone else requires you to change the primary email address in your Later account.

Important: Don't forget to also update your payment and billing info to the new owner too! Here's a handy guide on how to do that.

Transfer Ownership of Your Later Account

  1. The current Primary Account owner must sign into Later on the web with the email that was used to create the account
  2. Once you sign into Later on the web, go to your Settings > Account Settings
  3. From this page you can change the email and password for the account. 

Only the primary account owner is able to see all of the options and account information on the dashboard of Later on the web and make changes to the billing. 

If you are a secondary user and not the admin:

You'll need to ask the current admin to make changes for you as prompted below. 

Note: If that person no longer works with you, skip to the section below.

  1. Login to Later on the web
  2. Click Settings
  3. Go to the Users page
  4. Remove the user who will take ownership
  5. Go to Account Settings 
  6. Update the email
  7. Log out of Later
  8. Click Forgot Password to send a reset email to the new account owner

If the current admin no longer works with your team:

To help keep your accounts and information secure here are a few things you can do to safely transfer ownership.

  1. Ask the current admin to log into the Later account and follow the steps above to change the admin email 
  2. If admin email is no longer active, ask the current admin to email to approve changes. We will ask for information to verify account ownership

If you are no longer in contact with the current admin, email and be ready to provide information necessary to prove account ownership.

Example: Instagram handle(s) connected on Later, last 4 digits of credit card, invoices or receipts, previous contact with current admin.  

If you need to transfer ownership to someone who is already signed up for Later please contact us

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