What is the Post Count?

Post count is the amount of posts you are allowed to schedule in a month. Your number of posts per month is dependant on your Later plan. With a free plan you get 30 posts per month for each social profile. 

Tip: Want to avoid counting posts? Get unlimited posts with our paid plans.

How are the posts counted?

Posts are counted towards your Post Count when they're scheduled, not when they're posted!

 Note: Instagram Story posts also count towards the Instagram Post Count. 


If you are on a Free plan, where you are allowed 30 posts per month, this means that once you have created 30 posts on one social profile, you are out of posts (even if you haven’t actually confirmed or posted any of those posts) for rest of the month.

Your post count resets on the 1st of every month at 12AM UTC. 

How can I get more posts?

1. Join our Referral Program:

For every friend you refer to Later, you and your friend receive 10 additional posts per month forever!

Simple Steps:

  • Your referred friend uploads a photo to Later and schedules it to be posted.
  • The photo is published to their Instagram feed.
  • You and your friend automatically receive 10 additional posts per month.
  • Once they sign up you can track their status on the referral page 

2. Upgrade to a Paid Plan

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