Share a weekly analytics report with your team, clients or superiors to showoff how your Instagram posts are performing over time!

Start by enabling your weekly analytics email for each one of your Instagram accounts and every Monday afternoon you can be sure to receive a weekly report that can be easily forwarded to your person of choice. 

Note: weekly email analytics are available for Instagram business profiles on paid plans only.  

Your weekly email summary will include:

  • A daily engagement overview (likes, comments, followers, and top post of the day)
  • Total number of followers gained and lost over the week
  • Total number of likes and comments
  • Top posts of the week

Tip: Use your weekly analytics email in conjunction with your Instagram Analytics Dashboard to discover which posts are driving the most engagement, report on your follower growth trend, clicks & page traffic, plus much more. 

Enable Email from Later on the Web:

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings
  2. Scroll down and enable your weekly analytics email for each of your Instagram accounts connected to Later:
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