Later Access Groups help you manage access to your photos, videos, and Instagram accounts within Later. Now you can have multiple media libraries, so you don’t have to share your photos and videos with all your social profiles and users.

Step 1: Create an Access Group

Create multiple Access Groups to organize your media library by social profiles and user access.  

  1. Log into Later on the web 
  2. Go to Settings > Social Sets & Access Groups
  3. Click Create New Access Group and add a name to your Access Group

Tip: Add a profile picture to your Access Group to easily distinguish & toggle between Access Groups. Simply click EDIT beside the Access Group’s name and click on the avatar to add a photo and Save.

Step 2: Add Social Profiles to your Access Group

Create an Access Group to manage access to your photos and videos and separate media by social profile(s).

From the Social Sets & Access Groups tab click Add Social Profile

This will give you three options:

  1. Add a social profile to a current Social Set
  2. Add a social profile to a new Social Set
  3. Move a social profile from another Social Set or Access Group

Choose whether you’d like to add a new social profile or organize existing social profiles. Follow the steps provided.

Important: When moving existing social profiles to a new Access Group, only the scheduled posts will be copied over to the Access Group’s calendar. To move old media between Access Groups you will need to transfer the media over. 

Once you have created a new Access Group and added a social profile, you can also add or remove users from that Access Group!

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