You can combine Later accounts by moving the Instagram profiles from one Later account to another Later account.

  1. Choose the Later account you want to manage all the social profiles on - we'll call this the "Destination" Later account.
  2. Ensure this Destination Later account has room on its allotted number of Social Profiles it can handle. View the plans page to see how many Instagram Profiles each plan allows.
  3. Log into the Destination Later account, and go to the Social Profiles & Access Groups page.
  4. Click Add Social Profile - and then follow the instructions to move the social profile you want to the Destination Later account. You will be prompted to confirm if you would like to steal this social profile - please confirm.
  5. Repeat step 4 for all the social profiles you'd like to move.

WARNING: When merging two accounts, all of the posts previously scheduled for the social profile will be automatically transferred to the new account. However media items previously uploaded in the old account will not be transferred over to the new account. 

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