Curate a stellar Instagram feed with Later’s Visual Instagram Planner on mobile. Schedule new posts, see what your scheduled posts will look like on your feed, and drag and drop scheduled posts to rearrange them. 

Tip: Save even more time by planning and scheduling your posts with your Visual Instagram Planner from Later on desktop.

Visual Instagram Planner on iOS

With your Visual Instagram Planner, you can Quick Schedule posts and drag and drop to rearrange them. 

Quick Scheduling Posts

If you have Quick Schedule set up, you can schedule posts using your Visual Instagram Planner.

  1. Go to Schedule and select Preview
  2. Long press to open the Visual Instagram Planner
  3. Tap Add Media.
  4. Select a media item or upload a new media item for a post. 
  5. Tap Quick Schedule Post to add the post to your Visual Instagram Planner.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to Quick Schedule more posts. 
  7. Tap Save.

Important: If you don’t have Quick Schedule set up, you’ll be prompted to set it up before you can add media for a new post. Once you set your recurring Quick Schedule time slots, posts scheduled through your Visual Instagram Planner will be added to these time slots. 

Note: After you’ve Quick Scheduled a post, you can tap on it to add a caption, and change the publishing method to Auto Publish, if enabled. 

Rearranging Scheduled Posts

  1. Go to Schedule and select Preview. 
  2. Long press to open the Visual Instagram Planner. 
  3. Press on a scheduled post and drag and drop to rearrange. 

Note: Only scheduled posts can be rearranged on the Visual Instagram Planner. 

On Android:

  1. Go to the Schedule tab and from the top menu select the Instagram account.

2. Select the Preview Option (List view only shows a list of the upcoming scheduled posts).

The grid will automatically show your existing Instagram feed and your scheduled posts (distinguished by the Instagram icon).

3. To edit the order of the photos  hold down on the photo and you'll enter "Edit Preview" mode. 

4. Hold down on the photo and drag from left to right or top to bottom. 

5. Select the Check Mark in the top right corner to save the changes.

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