Here are a few keywords to help you learn the ins and outs of Later!

Account Owner - (Primary Account Owner) owner of the e-mail/login information on Later. Has access to Billing and other Account information, has the ability to modify account features and add team members.

Auto-copy Caption - once your post is ready to be published on Instagram, Later will automatically copy your caption to the clipboard on your phone/device. You can paste directly into the caption field in Instagram and post.

Automatically publish Instagram posts: Instagram Business Profiles can schedule single image Instagram posts to automatically publish. Automatic publishing must be enabled.

Captions - Captions are the content message you add to a post which are optimized and scheduled for a specific social profile. These are added in the scheduling process. Once the post is published, your captions can no longer be edited.

Bulk Upload - an effective uploading feature that allows you to add multiple photos and videos by selecting or dragging and dropping content from your desktop, Google Drive or Dropbox, directly into Later.

Groups - Groups help you better manage team member access to your photos, videos, and Instagram accounts within Later. Each group contains its own media library so you don’t have to share your photos and videos with all your social profiles and team members. Only available for paid plans.

Labels - Labels are tags or keywords which can be added to your media items to better organize your photos/videos by social profile, style, campaign, photographer etc. Multiple labels can be added in order to make your media items easily searchable during the scheduling process. Use multiple labels to distinguish between your media items; that way you can begin to limit your media search to only those that include all the labels entered in your search. *Labels are currently only available from Later on the web.

Later mobile app - available for iOS and Android. The mobile app allows you to upload photos, schedule posts, preview your Instagram feed and publish to your Instagram. It redirects you to your Instagram mobile app - one click and you’re ready to publish

Later on the web - your Later account on the web gives you access to the media library, media bulk uploads, planning and scheduling your posts on a content calendar, adding links to your posts through and modify all your account settings - is a way for you to add unique links to your Instagram posts in order to drive traffic to your store or blog right from Instagram. The link (which looks like[your Instagram username]) lives in your Instagram profile bio. The link directs followers to a web and mobile optimized landing page that displays your Instagram posts as clickable images.

Media Items -  Media Items are the the photos and videos you upload to Later. Media items can be used to schedule posts for multiple social profiles.

Media Library - he Media Library helps you easily store, organize and manage all your photos and videos in a single place. You can bulk upload your media (images & videos) into the media library, use labels to organize your photos and videos for easy search and scheduling. All media uploaded to the library is shared between your social profiles.

Media Notes - Media Notes are messages attached to a specific media item and available to copy and edit at anytime - they are not captions. When you create a post from a media item, the media captions are copied over into the caption field. The notes can then be edited directly from the post without updating the notes in the media item and vice versa.

Notification posting - posts scheduled for personal Instagram profiles or video and carousel posts on all profiles must be published via notification. Get a notification at the scheduled time of posting on the connected mobile device(s), open post in Instagram, edit post, paste your caption, and publish manually.

Post - a post is a scheduled media item that is scheduled for a specific social profile.

Posted - a created post is 'posted' once the mobile notification (from Later) is opened and the post opened in the Instagram app. Once a post is recognized as "posted" it can no longer be reposted.

Posts Per Month (Post Count) - each account has an allowed number of posts per month. Free plans allow 30 posts. Paid plans allow more. If you're looking for more posts take advantage of our referral program.

Quick Schedule - Quick Schedule is a weekly recurring queue of time slots you've selected as your preferred times of posting. Once set up, Quick Schedule allows you to bulk schedule your posts by just dragging and dropping your media on to the Later content calendar. Create your own Quick Schedule from Later on the web. 

Saved Captions - Saved Captions are templates which can be used to save text that is re-used over and over again when scheduling posts. You can create templates to save your most commonly used hashtags and captions andw hen it’s time to schedule, simply select one of your Saved Captions to add it to your post.

Side Library - the side library is where the media library meets the content calendar. It helps organize the media stored in your media library so you can easily search, find and re-purpose media items and schedule them for multiple social profiles. The side library is organized in Used and Unused media items.

Social Profile - Later allows multiple Social Profiles to be connected to one Later account so you can manage multiple Instagram accounts. You can switch between Social Profiles in your Later Account or add or remove social profiles.

User (Team Member) - Free Plans and Premium Plans allow two team members (users) per Later account. Team members (users) can jointly upload media, schedule and confirm posts. Other paid plans allow for more team members (users). Primary account owners can add a team member to their account.

Uploads - the number of media items you can upload, store and manage in your media library. Your media items do not count towards your post count, only when a media item is a scheduled post or posted to Instagram, will it count towards your limit

Used Media - these are photos/videos previously used to schedule posts for a social profile. Used media items can be used multiple times to create a new post for a social profile.

Unused Media
- media items that you’ve uploaded to Later but have not used to schedule posts.

Visual Instagram Planner - a tool available on both Later on the web and Later mobile App. The Visual Instagram Planner helps you plan and schedule your Instagram posts by previewing how your scheduled photos will look with your current Instagram feed.

Web Calendar - an interactive content calendar that allows you to drag and drop media items from the side library for efficient post scheduling to Instagram. Toggle between weekly and monthly views and stay organized by planning your week/month of visual content with the calendar. Available only from Later on the web. 

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