Looking to schedule on the go? Here's how to schedule Instagram posts from the iOS app!

Step 1: Go to your Media Library 

  1. From the Media tab you can access your photos and videos
  2. Or you can upload media by tapping the + button 

Step 2: Schedule your Post 

To schedule:

  1. Find the media item you want to schedule - you can schedule both used and unused media
  2. Select the media item and click Create Post.
  3. Select the profile you'd like to schedule for
  4. You can add your caption, edit your Crop,  Saved Captions and Linkin.bio link
  5. Once you're done editing, tap the Next button and choose whether you'd like it to be auto published, or select the date and time to schedule

Tag Users and Locations when Auto Publishing to Instagram

First, ensure that the post you're scheduling is set to Auto Publish and locate Tag Location and/or Tag Users under Additional Options

  • Note: due to Instagram's API restrictions users & locations can only be tagged on Auto Published posts

Step 1: Tagging locations

  1. Select Tag Location
  2. Type in the location you want to add
  3. Choose the most relevant option
  • To remove the location tag return to the Tag Location window and click the X that is displayed beside the chosen location. 

Step 2: Tagging a user

  1. Select Tag User
  2. Tap anywhere on the image
  3. Carefully write in the username of the Instagram profile you'd like to tag
  4. Click Done or Add
  5. Press Save
  • To remove the tag return to the Tag User window, click Edit next to the user tag, click into the image, and then select Delete Tagged User.

Step 3: Schedule or publish the post!

Schedule Multi-Photo Post to Instagram (Carousel)

You can also schedule Multi-photo posts from your Later mobile app!

  1. From the Media tab hit Select 
  2. Choose the photos you want to add to your carousel post
  3. Hit Create Post
  4. Rearrange the order of the photos, add a caption, crop etc

Now publish your multi-photo posts!

Important: Multi-photo posts cannot be auto published to Instagram so make sure to go through Later's mobile notification to publish. Video posts can be scheduled to Auto Publish through the web.

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