While many of Later’s features are best viewed and used on the desktop, you can use your mobile device to plan and upload content on the go! This page gives you an overview of everything that’s possible on your Later app for your mobile device.

There are four tabs at the bottom of your Later app, and you can switch the active Group that you’re working with by clicking the square in the top left from any screen.


Here, you can see the media for your currently active group, upload new media, and filter between used and unused media. 

If you click into a piece of media, you can:


Here, you can see any posts that are ready to be posted by hitting “Post Now”, and see your scheduled posts in a grid or list format! 

If you click into one of your scheduled posts, you can edit the caption, add a Linkin.bio link, or change the scheduled date and time.

Note: To add multiple Linkin.bio links, head to Later on the Web!

Tip: Use your calendar on Later on the Web to find your Best Times to Post!

You can also rearrange your scheduled posts using the mobile Visual Planner:


You can now tag users and locations on posts Auto Published through the Later mobile app!

To tag users and locations, you can select Tag User or Tag Location, and type in the username or location you’d like to tag. 


Most of your account settings need to be adjusted from Later on the Web, but here you can add Instagram profiles, and manage what notifications you get on your device.

Congratulations -- you’re an expert on our Later for mobile app! 

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