Facebook and Instagram have recently announced changes to their API which affects how Instagram Partners like Later will be able to access user information in the future. At Later, we fully support any changes which will help keep Facebook user information safe and secure.

These changes are to roll out on April 30th and will have minimal impact on Later’s current features. Here’s a breakdown of what will be changing soon. 

Search by Hashtag

  • Later users will only be able to search content by hashtag using Search by Hashtag.
  • Searching by username and posts you’ve liked will now be disabled.
  • The ability to like and comment on posts within Search by Hashtag will be disabled.


  • The ability to reply to Instagram comments from Later’s Conversations feature will now only be available to Instagram Business Profiles
  • Personal profiles will not be able to access Conversations 

We highly encourage Later users with a personal Instagram profile to switch to an Instagram Business Profile in order to continue using Later’s Conversations feature to reply to Instagram comments.

Scheduling with Autocomplete: 

  • With the new Instagram API limitations, Later users will no longer be able to autocomplete username @mentions

Facebook Permissions to Auto Publish to Instagram:

Just a quick reminder that an important aspect of Auto Publishing Instagram posts is continued access to your Facebook profile and the pages you manage. Instagram Business Pages need to be authenticated through a Facebook Business Page. In order to keep Auto Publishing posts to Instagram, Later requires permission to your Facebook Pages.

Later is committed to ensuring that we respect user privacy and both Facebook and Instagram’s Terms of Use and API changes. 

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