Later started our journey as Latergramme, focusing entirely on scheduling for Instagram; since then, we've grown to include Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook scheduling.

As a company, we're focused on media, and our scheduler is based on the visual aspects of your posts; we highly encourage you to use our Visual Planner and keep an eye on the overall visual aesthetic of your feed, as well!

Instagram and Pinterest require visual media -- but Twitter and Facebook don't. While we haven't ruled out the possibility of introducing the ability to create text posts for Twitter and Facebook, both platforms reward users for sharing visual-based content by increased weight in their algorithms. 

What this means for you is that video posts are more likely to be seen by all your followers than photo posts, which are more likely than text posts. They're also more likely to get higher engagement!

So for now, we're focusing on ways to improve Later for visual content; to schedule tweets or Facebook posts using Later, add a picture or video to attract your followers' attention!

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