A common workflow is to share your Instagram posts to Facebook during the process of posting to Instagram; however, this option isn't currently possible within Later -- but we have an easy process to schedule your posts to both profiles at the same time! 

Step 1: Set up your Facebook Profile

Click on the plus icon (+) at the top of your Calendar screen.

Then, click Facebook and log in to choose the Facebook Page you want to share your posts to -- just follow the prompts!

Important: Pop up blockers can really mess with Later's ability to get authorization from a social network, especially Facebook, so make sure you've shut them off!

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Step 2: Schedule your posts to both profiles

Click the + icon to select both profiles you want to post to:

Drag and drop your photo to the right date and time, and add your caption:

Next, tailor your captions for the different networks you're posting on! The way hashtags are used on Instagram is very different from the way they're used on Facebook -- you can make sure each post looks like it's aimed for that network!

For more information on posting to multiple profiles, check out our full article here!

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