Why do you need to refresh your credentials? Here are some common reasons why!

Our connection to social networks like Facebook and Instagram are called credentials or tokens. These grant us the permission to publish on your behalf, collect content, collect and display analytics, and more! Occasionally, these credentials will expire and in order to continue using Later these credentials will need to be refreshed.

There are a number of reasons why credentials expire. Common things that will expire your Facebook or Instagram credentials include:

  • After 2 months of being connected (this is normal)
  • Changing your Facebook or Instagram password
  • Logging out of Facebook or logging in and out of multiple Facebook accounts
  • Suspicious Instagram login attempts (for example login in from a new location)
  • Later not having the full permissions required 
  • Facebook detects a security issue on your account
  • Facebook suspects spammy behavior on your account (posting too frequently or repetitive content)

All of these credential expiry reasons are there to keep your information and accounts safe. That way in case you initially grant Later permissions and decide to stop using us, we do not have access without your permission. 

If your credentials have recently expired, you can refresh them by following this guide!

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