Important: Contributors is a feature on Later's paid Business plans, from Premium upwards.

Collecting media from top content creators is vital when curating a beautiful Instagram feed. Contributors is a great feature that helps you easily request and collect media from your top content creators.

Read on to learn how to use our Contributors feature, or if you're more of a visual learner check out our video on Contributors here.

Here's how Later's Contributors feature will work for you

Invite anyone to upload media
Even if they don’t have a Later account

Curate submissions
Select only the media you wish to accept

Add to Media Library
Media can be directly added to your Media Library

Create your personalized submission email address

With the Contributors feature you can easily set up a unique email address for your contributors to use when they find quality content and want to collect it for later. 

From Later on the web, click into Collect --> Contributors and begin the set up from there. 

You'll have the opportunity to create your custom email address which will allow your contributors to conveniently submit up to 20mb of media! Awesome.

Note:  your email handle only allows letters, numbers and underscores. You won't need to add the part -- we'll take care of that for you.

Important: you can update the email handles for submissions but will need to make sure to let your contributors know, as Later does not notify them for you.

Invite people to contribute

Once you have your personalized Contributors email handle set up and ready to go, you can start receiving content by inviting people to contribute media directly through that new email address.

Note: if the contributor you invite does not already have a Later account, they'll be prompted to set one up before contributing.

Contributor content dashboard

Once you're all set up and have received your first media contributions, you'll be able to manage the submissions you receive in your Contributors dashboard.

  • Browse and approve submitted media by selecting discard or add for newly submitted media. Organize and label submissions as Pending, Added, Discarded or All
  • Decide which content you want to see first by sorting from New to Old or Old to New
  • Filter by contributor -- see content submitted by specific people

Tip: Hit the Manage Contributors button in the top right hand corner to view the status of contributors you have invited.

Here, you can add or remove contributor permissions to submit content via your personalized Contributors email address.

Approve submissions for seamless transition to your Media Library

Once you approve submitted media, the media item will be transferred to your Media Library too. 

Media submitted through Contributors will automatically be labeled 'contribution' and will have a note stating the email address the content was originally submitted from.

That's it! 

Once you have approved submitted media, it will be moved over to your Media Library where you can interact with it as you normally would with uploaded content or content gathered via the Later Chrome extension

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