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How Contributors Works
Create Your Personalized Submission Email Address
Invite Contributors
Add and Discard Contributions
Manage Your Contributors

Contributors is a media submission tool that makes it easy to collect images and videos from photographers, influencers, and other content creators. 


How Contributors Works

  • Invite anyone to submit media, even if they don’t have a Later account.
  • Your Contributors can send images and videos to your own personalized submission email.
  • You can create a separate submission email address for each Group in your account. 
  • Media sent to your submission email address will show up in your Contributions in Later.
  • When you receive Contributions, select the media you want to keep and discard.
  • You can add media directly to your Media Library.

Step 1: Create Your Personalized Submission Email Address

Set up a unique email address that your Contributors can send images and videos to.

  1. Go to Later on the web.
  2. Go to Collect Media > Contributors and click Get Started.
  3. Choose a handle for your email address. 

Note: Your email handle can only have letters, numbers, and underscores. 

Important: You can change your email handle later, but you’ll need to let your Contributors know if you do. 

Step 2: Invite Contributors

  1. Invite people to contribute media through your newly created email address. 
  2. Separate multiple email addresses with commas.

Note: A Contributor doesn’t need a Later account to send you media, but they’ll be invited to set up a Later account with a Contributor view. 

If your Contributor creates a Later account with a Contributor view, they’ll be able to send you media with Media Notes through the Later web app. Contributors who email you media can’t add Media Notes.

If your Contributor already had a Later account before you invited them, they won’t have the Contributor view in their account. They can create another account with a Contributor view if you send an invitation to a different email address. 

Step 3: Add and Discard Contributions

When your Contributors send you media, it will show up in your Contributions. You can then add Contributions to your Media Library or discard them.

  1. Go to Pending Contributions to see newly submitted media.
  2. Select the media items you want to add to your Media Library (or click Select All) and then click Add to Library.
  3. To discard a Contribution, click on it and then Discard.

Tip: You can filter your Contributions by All, Pending, Added, or Discarded. You can also filter by Contributor and Media Notes, and sort from new to old or old to new. 

Note: Contributions that you add to your Media Library will be labelled contribution. They will include the email address of the Contributor in the Notes. 

Step 4: Manage your Contributors

Want to invite more Contributors? Here’s how.

  1. Under My Contributors, click Manage Contributors.
  2. To add Contributors, enter their email addresses in the Invite People field. 
  3. To remove a Contributor, click Remove beside the Contributor. 

Tip: The status of your invited Contributors is shown beside the Contributor’s email. If the person you invited has created a Later account from your invite, their status will be Accepted

Note: If a Contributor email is already associated with another Later account, they can still send Contributions to your personalized submission email. But if the Contributor wants to send media with Media Notes through Later, please them send an invitation to a different email address. This will let them create a separate Later account for sending Contributions. 

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