What are Groups?

Later Groups help you manage access to your photos, videos, and Instagram accounts within Later. Each Group has its own media library, social profiles, and team member access - so it is a great way to organize your social profiles or clients in Later!

Groups can be accessed and created from Account Settings ➜ Social Profiles and Groups section.

Transferring a profile to a new Group:

  1. Go to Settings > Social Profiles & Groups
  2. Locate the relevant Group and click Details
  3. Click Add Social Profile

This will give you two options:

  1. Connect a new social profile
  2. Move an existing social profile to this group

Choose whether you’d like to add a new social profile or transfer an existing social profile into your new group. Follow the steps provided.

If you are looking to transfer an existing profile, select the profile and click next:

Follow these steps until all social profiles have been transferred to the correct Group.

Important note:
When moving existing social profiles to a new group, only the scheduled posts will be copied over to the Group’s calendar. To learn how to transfer media between Groups, check out this guide.

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