• Analytics can only be accessed on the web.
  • Instagram business profiles can see advanced analytics, while personal profiles can see basic analytics
  • Later doesn’t include analytics from boosted posts on Instagram.
  • Later doesn't offer Facebook analytics at this time. 
  • Later’s free plan includes Analytics Lite.
  • Upgrade to a paid plan to access all the Analytics Pro data we offer.

Why Data Might Be Missing from Analytics

Are there gaps in your Analytics charts where no data is reported? Here are some common reasons why you’re missing data:

  • You were on a free Later account. If you upgraded from a free account to a paid account, analytics will start tracking from the day you upgraded your Later plan. 
  • You had a personal Instagram profile. If you switched from an Instagram personal profile to a business profile, you will see advanced analytics like impressions, reach, and profile views from the day you switched. 
  • You need to connect your Instagram business profile to Later. Sometimes you’ll need to refresh the connection between your Instagram business profile and Later so we can continue gathering analytics. 
  • You’re missing a website link in your Instagram bio. To see website click data, add a website link to your Instagram bio.
  • You haven’t signed up for To see analytics and clicks, set up  

External Reasons Why Data Might Be Missing

Sometimes missing data is related to limitations from Instagram.

  • Instagram’s service was down. If Instagram’s service went down, data will be missing during the downtime.
  • Instagram’s API limits come into effect. When a user has a large number of Instagram posts, Instagram’s API limits can come into play and affect analytics. 

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