Within Later’s Instagram Analytics, you may occasionally find gaps in your charts where there is no data reported. During these time periods, there may be various reasons for missing data. Here’s what they are!


Users in the following scenarios may experience missing data within Analytics:

  • If you used a free Later account during the period of missing data.
  • If you have a Personal Instagram profile instead of a Business Profile.
  • If you have an Instagram Business profile, but it wasn’t connected.
  • If you’re missing the correct Instagram Business profile insights permission. 
  • Linkin.bio specific: If you have not signed up for Linkin.bio, or the post wasn’t published by Later. 
  • Website clicks specific: If you’re missing a website link in your Instagram bio. 

External to Later

Sometimes missing data exists because of reasons external to Later:

  • When Instagram’s service goes down. 
  • If Instagram’s API limits come into effect when there’s a large number of Instagram posts for a user.
  • Due to Facebook limits on how long they store analytics, which impacts how long Later can display this data. 

If you have any additional questions about missing data, feel free to contact us via hello@later.com to learn more!

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