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Disable Your Pop-Up Blocker
Make Sure You’re Logged Into the Right Facebook Account
Reset Later’s Connection to Facebook

Can’t refresh your connection for Auto Publishing? Nothing happening when you try to refresh? Try these steps.

Step 1: Disable Your Pop-Up Blocker

Later uses a pop up to help you log in to Facebook to authenticate your profile. 

Step 2: Make Sure You’re Logged Into the Right Facebook Account

Go to and make sure you’re logged into the right account. This account must be an Admin of the Facebook Page connected to your Instagram business profile. 

Step 3: Reset Later’s Connection to Facebook

Resetting the connection will ensure we can access all your Facebook Pages. Here’s how.

Remove Later from Facebook

  1. In Facebook, go to Settings > Facebook Business Integrations.
  2. Select Later and click Remove (do not check the box to remove Later posts). 

Reconnect Later to Facebook

  1. In Later on the web, go to Social Profiles & Groups
  2. Select the Access Group with the relevant Instagram profile.
  3. Beside the social profile, click the Refresh button. 
  4. When prompted to give Facebook access to Later, click Choose what you allow.
  5. Expand all sections and make sure all permissions have been granted. Do not uncheck any permissions

Important: If you don’t grant all permissions to Later, this can prevent us from refreshing your connection. 

This should reset the connection between Later and Facebook and allow us to authenticate your business profile!

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