Later's Instagram Stories scheduler is here, and is available on all of Later's paid plans!


  • This feature is only available for Instagram.
  • Stories must be scheduled from Later's desktop app.
  • Stories must be scheduled via Notifications, as per Instagram's API limitations, and cannot be Auto Published.
  • Each Instagram Stories board is equal to 1 Later post

Follow these 3 quick and easy steps to get started scheduling your Instagram Stories from your Later calendar:

1) Open the Instagram Stories scheduler on the Later Web App

Click into your Later calendar on the Later web app, and make sure the correct Instagram profile is selected from the bar across the top of the calendar. 

Only one Instagram account can be selected when scheduling stories.

Select "Stories" from the top right hand corner, next to the Preview, Week and Month calendar views.

This lets you view the posts you have scheduled right below the Stories calendar so you can get a good idea of all the Instagram content you have scheduled on any given day.

Note: Stories time slots are scheduled horizontally.

2) Schedule an Instagram Story from the Later web app

Drag one or more media items from your Media Library to a time slot after the blue marker (this indicates your current time).

Note: Videos must be less than 15 seconds.

To add more media to a Story you have already scheduled, simply drag the media to the Editor below the timeline.

Add some text or a link to the Add Clipboard Text section. This text area will be automatically copied to your mobile clipboard so you can easily paste it into your story when publishing on Instagram.

You can edit your Stories in the Editor to apply Photo Filters and Crops, just like you would when scheduling a regular Instagram post in Later.

Tip: There is a specific Instagram Stories crop available!

Note: You'll need to save your scheduled Story before you can drag it around the Stories calendar to different dates and times. 

You can also select the time and date from the drop down menu beside the Save Story button.

3) Publish Your Stories

You'll receive a push notification to your mobile device at the scheduled time to post your Stories.

  1. Open the Notification and click Open in Instagram.
  2. Instagram will open to your feed. Click the Instagram Stories button in the top left corner. 
  3. Your scheduled Story will be in your camera roll. 
  4. If your Story included multiple slides, click Select Multiple in the top right corner before hitting Next
  5. To insert your saved Caption, tap the screen to insert text. Tap again and click Paste
  6. When you a ready, click Next and finally Share!

Note: If you are having trouble receiving your push notifications, please follow these steps.

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