Plan Instagram Stories ahead of time to stay organized and keep your audience engaged!


  • Later’s Instagram Stories Scheduler is only available on paid plans
  • Instagram Stories can only be scheduled from Later on the web. 
  • Due to Instagram limitations Instagram Stories can only be published through Later's mobile notifications. Instagram Stories cannot be Auto Published
  • Each Instagram Stories board is equal to 1 Later post.

Ready to start scheduling Instagram Stories? Here’s how!

Step 1: Go to the Instagram Stories Scheduler

  1. Go to Later on the web. 
  2. Go to the Calendar and make sure the right Instagram profile is selected. 
  3. Select Stories in the top right corner.

Note: Only one Instagram profile can be selected when scheduling stories. 

Step 2: Schedule your Instagram Story

  1. In your side library, select one or more media items.
  2. Drag the media items to your Stories timeline
  3. To add more media to a scheduled Story, drag it to the Stories editor below the timeline. 

Note: Stories time slots are shown horizontally and the blue line indicates your current time. 

Step 3: Edit your Instagram Story

In the Stories editor below the timeline, you can:

  1. Add clipboard text. Paste this into your story when publishing on Instagram.
  2. Rearrange media items. Drag media items around to change their order.
  3. Edit media items. Hit Edit on individual media items to crop them, trim them, and add filters. 
  4. Change the scheduled date and time. Click on the current scheduled date to make changes. 

Hit Save Story to schedule it. 

Note: Videos longer than 60 seconds must be trimmed down to 60 seconds or shorter. 

Tip: Use the Instagram Stories crop when editing!

After you’ve scheduled your Instagram Story, wait for the mobile notification to publish. Check out how to publish an Instagram story.  

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