Setting up your and Shopify integration is a simple two-step process, and is a great way to make social selling easy with the click of a button!

Note: Later's Shopify integration is available on all of Later's paid business plans, from Premium up. Check out our plans here.

Step 1: Grant Later Permission

1. Ensure you are logged into your Shopify account.

2. Log into Later on the web and select from the tabs on the left side of the screen. 

3. From there, select the blue Connect Shopify Store button on the right side of your screen:

4. A pop-up window will open asking you to select Open Setup Guide -- this will open the Shopify setup guide in a new tab of your browser. You can use this option to setup your Shopify account!

5. Next, enter your Shopify store name in the relevant field, and hit Connect Shopify Store:

6. Hit Finish Setup.

Step 2: Make Products Available to Later from Shopify

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin account.
  2. Select Products from the left hand side bar:

3. Select All Products underneath the Products section on the left.

4. Tick the box for all products in the header to choose everything, or select just those you'd like to grant Later access to.

5. Next, select the Actions dropdown, and choose Make products available.

6. Select by Later and click Make products available.

Step 3: Add your Shopify products to your posts

1. Go back to your Later desktop app and navigate to the tab.

2. When adding a link to a post in the management screen, click "more link options".

3. This will open up a pop-up modal giving you the option to choose which type of link to add. Choose Link to Shopify Products.

4. The screen will now show your Shopify Products which are visible to Choose whichever product you'd like to add, and hit Tag Product. You can add more after!

5. Click Save Changes. 

For more information on how to select which products you'd like to make available on your sales channels, follow this helpful guide by Shopify.

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