Use Calendar Notes to communicate with your team and keep everyone on the same page, or leave reminders for yourself about upcoming posts and ideas! 


  • Calendar Notes are available on Later’s business plans.
  • Notes can be viewed by all members of an Access Group.
  • Notes are displayed across all social profile calendars. If you have multiple social profiles within one Access Group, every Calendar Note will be visible on all social profile calendars. 
  • Notes occupy a 1-hour time slot.
  • Notes can include text and emojis (max. 2,500 characters per note). 

Top 4 Ways to Use Calendar Notes: 

1) Communicate with your team 

Keep everyone in your team on the same page. Use Calendar Notes to leave comments, assign tasks, and ask for feedback. Notes can be viewed by all members in an Access Group and are viewable across all social profiles, making it super easy to keep everyone up to date.  

2) Leave reminders for yourself

Calendar Notes will help keep all of your ideas in one place. Quickly jot down any thoughts and ideas you don’t want to forget. Your notes will be viewable directly on your calendar, so you can pick up your content scheduling right where you left off, without missing a beat. 

3) Mark off important dates 

Use Calendar Notes to keep track of all your important dates and deadlines. This is perfect for indicating campaign timelines, photoshoot dates, holidays, and special events. You can even mark off new product launches, influencer takeovers, collaborations, and promotions. The possibilities are endless! 

4) Create post placeholders

Have post ideas ready, but don’t have the content or images yet? Use Calendar Notes to save spots on your calendar, until you have your image and everything ready to go. 

You can also create placeholders based on the type of content you want to schedule. For example, mark off when you’ll be posting a product close-up or flat lay, a selfie, quote, or a lifestyle shot. This will help you create a balanced and cohesive feed. 

How to Use Calendar Notes: 

Step 1: 

In the Week view of your calendar, right-click to create a Calendar Note. 

Step 2: 

Add text and emojis and click Save.

Step 3: 

To rearrange Calendar Notes, you can drag and drop them to other time slots or days. 

Have a caption ready, but no image? 

Copy to clipboard is perfect for when you have your caption ready to go, but are still waiting on the image. 

To use copy to clipboard, add your caption to the Calendar Note. When your image is ready, open the Calendar Note and click Copy to clipboard. You can then schedule your post and paste your caption directly into the post! 


  • Calendar Notes must be created in the Week view of your Calendar, but can be viewed in both the Week and Month calendar views. 
  • To view all Calendar Notes saved to a particular day, in the Month Calendar view, click the note pushpin icon. 

To edit or delete a Calendar Note, click the note to open it and either change the text or click Discard Note.

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