• The following error is happening because your Later account does not have the right permissions from your Facebook and Instagram business profiles. 

Steps to fix: 

  1. Log into the Facebook profile that has admin permissions to the Facebook page associated with your Instagram business profile.  
  2. Click here (Facebook business integrations settings). 
  3.  Find Later and remove the integration. Do not select to remove posts by Later.
  4. Go back to Later and go into the group containing the Instagram business profile.
  5.  Click Refresh and follow the steps to reconnect.
  6. Important: a Facebook pop up window will appear. In the second window, click Choose what you allow.
  7. Expand each section and select all pages and permissions listed in this window. Here’s a helpful video to demonstrate the process. 
  8. Once reconnected, schedule a new Auto Publish post.

If on step #4 you do not see the red Refresh button simply click Refresh. 

In the case you continue to receive the unsupported post request error after following these steps, please contact for further assistance. 

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