Use Later’s Mentions feature to find Instagram posts that mention your profile in their captions. Add these to your Media Library and repost them to your own feed!


  • Mentions is only available on Later's Business plans.
  • Mentions is only available for Instagram business profiles
  • This feature is not supported through our iOS and Android mobile apps. 
  • Mentions does not include Instagram Stories you're mentioned in.
  • Remember to abide by Instagram's Community Guidelines. 

Get Started with Mentions 

  1. In Later on the web, make sure you’re in the Group you want to collect media from Mentions for.
  2. Go to Collect Media > Mentions.
  3. Make sure the correct Instagram profile has been selected.
  4. Click Get Started, agree to the Guidelines, and click Agree & Continue.
  5. Click Start Collecting.

Note: Once you click Start Collecting, you’ll see Instagram posts you’re mentioned in from that day onwards. You won’t see past posts you’re mentioned in. 

Collect Media from Instagram Posts You’re Mentioned In

  1. In Mentions, click View to select a post. 
  2. Click Add to Library

Note: The username, caption, and hashtags from the original post will be added to your Notes so you can credit the content owner. 

Important: Due to Instagram’s API limitations, @mentions of other users in the original caption won’t include the “@” in your Notes. Be sure to add the “@” if you want to re-mention users in your repost. 

Find Media Collected from Mentions in Your Library

  1. Go to your side library.
  2. Select Show Filters at the top.
  3. Under System Labels select the mentioned media label.
  4. Media collected from Mentions will be shown. 

When you’re ready to repost, select a media item and schedule it

Reminder: Always ask for permission to repost content that you don’t own.

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