Can’t set up Auto Publishing for Instagram? Follow the two steps in the video below to get Auto Publishing set up! 

Video on How to Fix Auto Publishing

Note: Pause the video if needed to easily follow along with the steps. 

Steps on How to Fix Auto Publishing

Step 1: Check that the right Facebook Page is connected on Instagram

To set up Auto Publishing, your Instagram business profile needs to have a connected Facebook Page.

  1. In the Instagram mobile app, go to your profile > Edit Profile > Page
  2. Check that the right Facebook Page is connected. 
  3. If the right page isn’t connected, select the right page or create a new one. 
  4. If no page is connected, create a Facebook Page or connect to an existing one. 

Note: Your Instagram business profile must be connected to a Facebook Page that you are an Admin or Editor for. 

Step 2: Reset Later’s connection to Facebook

If you haven’t granted Later all permissions in Facebook, you can’t set up Auto Publish. Here’s how to fix this. 

Remove Later from Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Go to Business Integrations
  3. Select Later and click Remove (do not tick the box to remove Later posts).

Reconnect Later to Facebook

  1. Go to Later on the web. 
  2. Go to Social Profiles & Access Groups.
  3. Select the Access Group with the relevant Instagram profile. 
  4. Click Enable or Refresh next to your Instagram profile.
  5. If asked to log in to Facebook, log in to your personal account that’s connected to your Instagram business profile. This account must be an Admin for the connected Facebook page.
  6. Click Continue and Choose what you allow. Expand all the sections and make sure all the pages are selected to grant Later all permissions.

This should reset the connection between Later and Facebook and enable Auto Publish.

If Auto Publish still isn’t working, try these next steps

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