Add single links to Instagram posts to build a separate landing page that looks just like your Instagram feed. Direct your audience to the right content and web pages right from the link in your Instagram bio!

How Lite works:

  • Build a clickable landing page that looks like your Instagram feed by adding single links to Instagram posts. 
  • Add links to Instagram posts while scheduling with Later through the web or mobile apps.
  • Add links to published Instagram posts through Later on the web's management page. 


  • Lite is available on Later’s Free and Plus plans
  • is not the same as Instagram's product tag feature. It does not tag your posts right on your Instagram profile.
  • can be set up from Later on the web and Later's iOS and Android apps. 
  • Your page URL is based on your Instagram username and will change if you change your username. 
  • You can add 1 link per post.  Upgrade to a plan with Standard to add multiple links to posts. 
  • Due to limitations from Instagram, you can’t add links to IGTV previews in your Instagram feed.
  • A Later branded banner will show on your Lite page. Upgrade to a plan with Standard to remove it. 

Step 1: Set up Lite

  1. Go to Later on the web.
  2. Go to the Access Group that has the Instagram profile you want to set up Lite for. 
  3. On the left, go to

Go through the setup wizard: 

  1. Customize your button text. This button will show up at the top right corner of your page. Visit Website is the default but you can change this. 
  2. Add a link to your button. We recommend linking to your website’s homepage, but you can add any link you want.
  3. Enable or disable the hero image. This is an enlarged image of your last published photo to highlight your most recent post. 

Step 2: Link your Instagram Posts

1. On your management page, select the post you want to add a link to:

  • Scheduled posts have a clock icon.
  • Published posts have Instagram icon. 
  • Linked posts say LINKED.
  • Unlinked posts are grayed out.

2. Add a single link in the field and click Add to

Note: You can also add links to scheduled posts from your Calendar. 

Step 3: Add your URL to your Instagram Bio

Add your URL to your Instagram bio so your audience can click through your page. 

  1. On your management page, select Share Link.
  2. Hit Copy to copy your link. 
  3. Go to your Instagram profile and hit Edit Profile.
  4. In the Website field, paste your copied link.

Note: If you already have a website link on your Instagram profile page, replace it with your link. Remember that your page has a button that redirects visitors to a page of your choice. 

Step 4 (Optional): Enable Google Analytics UTM Tracking

If you already use Google Analytics to track conversion and sales, enable Later’s UTM tracking to make things easier. 

  1. On your management page, select Advanced.
  2. Enable UTM Tracking. 

Important: If you’re already adding your own UTM parameters to links, don’t enable Later's UTM tracking. This will interfere with the tracking.

Use Analytics to monitor the clicks and visits your page generates over time. 

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