We want you to get the most out of Later and all the features we release. So here’s an overview of what we launched in 2019. 

Instagram Stories Scheduling

Save time, stay organized, and keep your audience engaged with Instagram Stories scheduling. Schedule Instagram Stories on Later and publish them through push notifications on your mobile device. 

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With Linkin.bio, you can add links to Instagram posts to build a clickable, shoppable landing page that looks just like your Instagram feed. Add your Linkin.bio page link to your Instagram bio to drive traffic to your website, blog posts, product pages, and more.

  • Linkin.bio Standard: Available for Later’s Business plans, Linkin.bio Standard lets you add up to 5 links to each Instagram post or tag unlimited Shopify products. 
  • Linkin.bio Lite: Available for Free and Plus plans, Linkin.bio Lite lets you add a single link to each Instagram post. 

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Collect Media 

Collect user-generated content with Later’s Collect Media features. Search for Instagram posts by hashtag, add images from URLs, and save media you’ve been tagged and mentioned in on Instagram.

Pinterest Video Scheduling

Pinterest business accounts can now schedule video Pins to their boards. Available on Later’s paid plans, this feature lets you schedule videos between 4 seconds and 15 minutes long to your Pinterest boards. 

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Adobe Spark Integration

With Later’s Adobe Spark integration, you can add your Adobe Spark projects to your Media Library directly from Spark. 

Learn how to add media from Adobe Spark

Video Editing

Trim and crop videos in Later on the web when scheduling them to Instagram or Pinterest. With Later’s video editing tools, you can crop your videos for size, trim them for length, and even select a thumbnail cover. 

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Measure performance, increase engagement, and track growth over time with Later’s analytics. Here are the new analytics features we released in 2019:

  • Hashtag analytics for Instagram: Track which hashtags are are driving the most likes, comments, impressions, saves, and reach. See your hashtag analytics
  • Twitter analytics: See how your follower count has grown over time, and review detailed stats on your Tweets posted using Later.
  • Analytics exporting: Export analytics for your Instagram business profile into a CSV file to help you stay organized and keep track of your data. Learn how to export your Instagram analytics

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Threaded Comments

Use Conversations to reply directly to comments on your Instagram posts. Your replies will be threaded in Instagram, making it easier to keep track of different conversations within a post. 

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User & Location Tagging on Mobile

Later’s paid plans can now tag users and locations in Auto Publish posts scheduled with the Later mobile app. Just add them through Tag Location and Tag Users when scheduling a post on mobile.

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We hope you’re enjoying all the features we released in 2019! We’re excited for the year ahead and grateful to have such dedicated and inspiring customers.

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