Starting Feb. 21, 2020, you will no longer be able to sign in to Later with Instagram. This is due to changes to Instagram's API. Going forward, you will need to sign in with your Later email and password. 

Don't worry, you can still schedule to Instagram with Later -- you just won't be able to sign in to Later through Instagram. 

Why Is this Change Happening?

Instagram is retiring its Legacy API Platform. Its new Basic Display API can’t be used to authenticate people signing into apps like Later. Because of this limitation, Later can no longer offer the option to sign in to Later through Instagram.

How to Find Your Later Email

Not sure what email is linked to your Later account? Here's how to find it. 

  1. Sign into Later on the web.
  2. Go to Account Settings.
  3. Check your email on file.

Important: If you’re signed in to Later through Instagram, do not update the email if you’re not the Later account owner. If you’re not the account owner, updating the email will lock the account owner out of their Later account. 

Forgot Your Email or Can’t Sign In?

If you’re the account owner

  1. Go to the Forgot Email page.
  2. Enter the social profile username for your account.
  3. We’ll send the email linked to that social profile to the Later account owner.

If you’re a team member

Please ask the account owner to send you your account email. They can find your email on the Team Members page.  

Forgot Your Password?

  1. Make sure you’re logged out of your Later account.
  2. Go to the password reset page.
  3. Enter the email for your Later account.
  4. Check your email for password reset instructions.

Need Separate Logins for Team Members?

If multiple people use your Later account, you can set up separate logins with team members. Learn how to add team members to your account. 

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