If you're unable to authenticate your Instagram with a Facebook Page, these steps will help you connect!

Step One: Make Sure We Have Permissions

Head to your Facebook Business Integrations, and make sure you've granted us permissions for all your Pages. If you're not sure, remove Later from the integrations, then go to Social Profiles & Groups within Later, and refresh your credentials.

When you get to this step, click Choose what you allow:

On the next screen, scroll to the bottom and make sure under Manage Pages it says "All Pages":

If this still doesn't let us authorize you, the connection between Instagram and Facebook isn't set up correctly! To get that set up properly, follow the next steps.

Refresh Credentials Button is Green

If the refresh credentials button is green next to your social profile in your Social Profiles & Groups settings, you'll need to click that button twice.

The first time will refresh your Facebook credentials.
The second time will refresh your Instagram credentials.

Step Two: Connect to a Different Page in Instagram

In the Instagram app on your mobile device, click Edit Profile, then Page:

Make sure that your Instagram account is connected to the correct Facebook Page on this screen.

Step Three: Claim Page

Check your Instagram app on your mobile device, and look for Claim Facebook Page under Settings:

This will create a new Facebook Page that Facebook will recognize as having permissions to authorize your Instagram account for auto publishing; if you have multiple people running your Later account, you will need to make all of them admins so that all will have the permissions necessary to authenticate.

If you don't see this button, don't worry! Move on to step four.

Step Four: Switch Profile Types

Important note: This will reset your Insights tab! Make sure you take note of the data from that screen that you want to save.

Still in your Instagram settings, switch to a personal account, and then back to a business profile:

While switching back, make sure that you connect it to a Facebook Page — do not click Skip at the bottom of the screen!

Step Five: Create Authorization Page

If you're unable to create the Page on that screen, click Create One at the bottom, then create a new Page to connect to for authorization purposes; this is the same as the Claim Facebook Page option in Step Three!

If these steps don't work, please reach out to us at hello@later.com — we'll be able to help!

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