Don't panic! Let's start by checking a few things 🐣

  1. Go to your  Notification settings from your mobile device and make sure Later's notifications are enabled 

IMPORTANT: If you're an IOS user you may want to add the notifications as Alerts. Banners flash and then disappear quickly so you may miss your notification. 

2. Open the Later App and in the  Account tab, select Push Notification Settings (IOS)/ Mobile Notifications (Android). Make sure all notifications are enabled for the social profile's you want to receive notifications for.

If these are all enabled, let's test a notification:

3. Go to Later on the web and into your Settings (Icon Gear). Next click My Devices and from there click  Send Test Notification for your phone. If you receive this then your phone is connected properly.

You should receive a notification that says "Winter is Coming"

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