Feb 1st 4:45PM PST: Issues with Connecting to Facebook Pages [Update]

We were experiencing trouble connecting with Facebook Pages. The following functions were temporarily down: 

  1. Connecting Business Profiles for Auto Publishing
  2. Connecting a Facebook Page
  3. Refreshing Auto Publishing Credentials

Everything should now be working properly. Thank you for your patience while we resolved this issue.

Feb 1st 2:30PM PST: Location tagging is down [Update: resolved]

We were experiencing an issue with location tagging. This affected adding locations while scheduling posts.

Jan 28th 5 PM PST: Instagram Server Troubles [Update]

Instagram's servers were temporarily down; this will affect some of Later's features:

  • Posts may go out later than intended
  • Conversations, Preview, and Linkin.bio, Analytics, Search and Repost may load slower than usual while the servers recover

The servers are now back up and running!

Jan 21st: Slow Website Performance

We are temporarily experiencing slower than expected website performance. We are actively working to resolve the issue and will update here once the issue is resolved!


Dec 13th: Problems Uploading Media
We've had some issues with Media uploads between about 10:30-11:30am PST with an error message: "Upload Failed. Reason: No model was found for submission". 

This has been resolved! Please refresh your page and try again.

Nov 20th: Instagram and Facebook Server Troubles

Facebook and Instagram's servers are temporarily partially down; this will affect a number of Later's features while they're experiencing troubles:

  • Posts may go out later than intended
  • Conversations, Preview, and Linkin.bio may experience outages 

Don't worry, posts will be retried and features will be working again as Instagram's servers recover!

For more information, please visit Instagram's Twitter @instagram

Nov 9th 10:45 PST - Instagram 500 Error (Noon PST Update)

Instagram's servers were temporarily down; this means that posts could not be published for about 30 minutes-- but don't worry! We published posts once Instagram returned

Your posts may have gone live slightly later than scheduled

August 29th: Pinterest Publishing Interruption -- Restored!

We experienced an interruption within Pinterest's servers; we notified them of the problem and it was quickly fixed! Posts should be retrying and posting now that things are back to normal.

August 2nd: Instagram's Auto Publishing Service is Down (5:30pm PST Update) - Restored 7:00 PM PST

Instagram's auto publishing service is still temporarily down; this means that posts cannot be published at the moment.

Once Instagram's auto publishing service is back live, we will re-try publishing posts.

Until Instagram resolves this outage, please use notification publishing to publish posts.

Thank you so much for your patience while we wait for Instagram to resolve this.

July 21: Instagram Auto Publishing Interruption - Resolved

On July 21st, Instagram’s servers went down. This meant that Later was not able to establish a connection with your Instagram account. You may have experienced:

  1. Auto Publish connection disabled - to fix go to the correct group from Social Profiles & Groups page and click "Connect Business Profile"to re-enable Auto Publish your connection
  2. Auto Publish posts may have failed to publish - to fix go to the correct group from Social Profiles & Groups page to refresh your connection and re-schedule posts from Later on the web.

We're sorry for the troubles and thank you for your patience and cooperation, we really appreciate it!

July 13th 12:30PM PST - Instagram 500 Error - Resolved

Instagram's servers seem to be up and running again. Posts scheduled for Auto Publish should now automatically re-try to publish.

A quick refresh of Later should allow you to access Later's Instagram features as per normal.

Thank you for your patience while Instagram resolved this!

July 13th 12PM PST - Instagram 500 Error

Instagram's servers are temporarily down; this means that posts cannot be published at the moment -- but don't worry! We will continuously try to re-publish your auto published posts, and they will be published once Instagram has returned.  All other Instagram-related features of Later will not work until this is resolved.

This is usually a quick resolution, so hold tight!

June 29th 4:30 AM PST - Instagram Auto Publishing Interrupted - Resolved

  1. Issue with instagram auto publish & related features has been resolved

    2. You will need to re-enable “auto publish” on some of your posts you have scheduled

    3. You may even need to reconnect credentials

(you'll receive a prompt to reconnect credentials if needed)

June 26th 3:00 PM PST - Instagram Auto Publishing Interrupted 

Updated: June 27th 10:00 PM PST

Facebook Pages are currently able to be added properly; we're hopeful all functionalities will be restored soon, and thank you for your patience!

We are currently working closely with Facebook and Instagram to resolve the interruption for auto publishing.

Until this is resolved, we will continue to send push notifications for posts scheduled to Instagram. 

Some Facebook services are also impacted due to this interruption, as Instagram is owned by Facebook; we appreciate your patience as we work with Instagram and Facebook to resolve this!

We have changed posts to be posted via our notification method, rather than auto publishing, and have temporarily disabled the creation of auto published posts while we are experiencing this interruption in auto publishing.

Resolving this issue is currently our top priority. We’re in contact with Instagram to resolve this issue; please check this page every 3 hours for a status update. 

Later has been experiencing issues publishing to Instagram as of June 26th 11:00 AM PST. We expect to have this resolved within the next 24 hours.  

Currently these are the impacted Later services:

  • Automatically publish posts to Instagram business profiles
  • Adding Facebook business pages to Later 
  • Later’s Conversations feature.  

To continue scheduling and publishing to Instagram please schedule your posts as Notification posts. For posts that already scheduled to Auto Publish, please follow these steps:

  • Go to later on desktop and open your Instagram calendar
  • Click to open each scheduled post you currently have for the week
  • Click the “Auto” button drop-down and switch to “Notification”
  • Click Save to update

We are working around as fast as possible to have a resolution for you.

12 June 2018 - Instagram Server Down (Fixed by Instagram).

Instagram is experiencing intermittent issue which are affecting Later's features. 

Features affected: Auto publish posts, Visual Instagram Planner, Conversations, Analytics, Search and Repost, Auto complete and Suggested hashtags. 

Stay up to date here or go to Instagram's Twitter for further updates.

03 May 2018 - Search and Repost was temporarily down - Resolved.

You may have experienced trouble adding posts to your media library from search and repost.

This has now been resolved!

10 April 2018 - Troubles loading Later.com on sign in page (Chrome and Firefox) - Resolved

You could experience issues:

  1. Signing into Later account
  2. Page continuing to load 

14 September 2017 - Amazon S3 outage - Resolved

Some users could be experiencing issues with Later due to an Amazon S3 outage. 

You could experience issues with:

  1. Analytics Reports
  2. Uploading photos and videos 
  3. Downloading photos & videos during post process 
  4. Linkin.bio pages not loading correctly.

Amazon is currently working on this issue and hopes to have it resolved shortly.

February 28th 2017 - Amazon S3 Outage - Resolved.

Our system is currently down due to an outage from Amazon. This outage is causing issues for a number of sites (Slack, Dropbox, Trello, plus many others) including ours. This is mostly related to the processing of images so any actions related to images on Later will likely not work.

We will continue to update this page as often as possible with further information and status updates. We thank you for your patience. 

Update Feb 28th, 3:30 PM PST

- We're still working on the issue, waiting for Amazon to fully restore it's services and the queue of images that are being processed on Later.

Update Feb 28th, 4:25 PM PST

- We've seen a reduced number of errors on Later - Currently we see that our systems are up and running. If you're still having issues please email us at hello@later.com 

Update Feb 29th, 10:15 AM PST

- All of Amazon's services have been fixed. You should now be able to upload, schedule and post your images with Later.

Issues you may have experienced:

1. Upload Photos & Videos from Later on the web or Later App.

2. Media items not loading on the Side Library or Media Library.

3. Scheduling and cropping posts.

4. iOS App - When opening scheduled post in Instagram you may receive the following error message:  Image Download Error 

Here's a solution: Go to Later app > Schedule page > Find the post in Ready Post and click "Post Now" to try again.  

5. App crash when opening post in Instagram.

6. Adding photos/videos from Search & Repost from Later on the web or mobile app.

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