• Notes are text only (though emoji-friendly 😀). 
  • Notes do not occupy a day but a 1 hour time slot. 
  • Calendar Notes must be made in your Calendar's Week view. 
  • The max character limit is 2,500. 
  • Notes can be viewed by all members in a Group. 
  • If you have multiple profiles connected within one Group, Calendar Notes will be displayed on every social profile’s calendar.

Step 1: 

In your Calendar's Week view, right-click to create a Calendar Note. 

Step 2: 

Add your text & emojis and click Save.

Step 3: 

To edit or delete a note click into it and change the text or click Discard Note.


  • Once created, Calendar Notes can be dragged & dropped to other time slots or days. 
  • Calendar Notes can be viewed in both the Week and Month Calendar views. 
  • In the Month view, click the note icon to view all the Calendar Notes saved to a particular day. 
  • Select Copy to Clipboard to copy your Calendar Note, then paste it as a caption when scheduling content! 
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