With Later, you can schedule and publish videos. You can now Auto Publish videos as well!


  • Videos are only available on paid plans. 
  • Videos can be Auto Published or published via a mobile Notification.
  • To select your cover photo or edit your video, publish your video through mobile Notifications.
  • When uploading your video, keep these guidelines in mind. 

Scheduling videos:

  1. Drag and drop your video from your side library into your Calendar.
  2. Add your caption and adjust the time/date of the video.
  3. Select Auto or Send Notification.
  4. Click Save.

Auto Publishing videos: 

Videos scheduled for Auto Publishing must be within Instagram’s limitations:

  • 3 - 60 seconds in length. 
  • the aspect ratio of the video must be between 4:5 to 1.91:1. 

Important: At this time Later does not have the ability to select video cover images, this means videos that are Auto Published will automatically select the first frame of the video as the cover. The Later team will be working on a solution for this in the upcoming months.

Tip: If selecting a cover image is important for the consistency and cohesiveness of your feed, we recommend using Notification posts to publish. From Instagram, you will be able to edit your video length, adjust sound, select the cover photo and add filters within the Instagram app.

Publishing videos via Notification: 

Follow these steps to publish a video to Instagram from a notification sent from Later:

  1. Open the Notification sent from Later to your mobile device.
  2. Click Open in Instagram
  3. On iOS, Instagram will open to your camera. Click Library. Your video will be the first in line. On Android, Instagram will open to your video.
  4. Adjust your video's aspect ratio by clicking the arrow icon in the left corner.
  5. Next you can add Filters, Trim the video, or select the Cover.
  6. Finally, add your caption by pasting from your clipboard.
  7. Click Share!
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