Auto Publish to Instagram is available for all Instagram business profiles 🎉

How does Auto Publish work?

  1. You must have an Instagram business profile set up to Auto Publish.
  2. Only single image and video posts can be Auto Published.
  3. Images must be scheduled in square mode / 4:5 to 1.91:1 aspect ratio. Videos must be between 4:5 to 1.91:1 aspect ratio. 
  4. Multi-photo (carousel) posts are required to be published via mobile Notification. 
  5. Filters and first comments can not be Auto Published.
  6. Lines and spaces added to captions will not be preserved (Instagram strips the spaces)
  7. Images should be under 8MB and between 150x150 and 1920x1080 pixels — images outside of these boundaries may experience fuzziness when Auto Published! Videos must follow these guidelines

Now let’s set up Auto Publishing to Instagram using Later!

Step 1: Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

If you haven’t already switched to an Instagram business profile, now is the time. 

Follow these quick steps to get set up. 

Step 2: Enable Auto Publishing from Later

Head over to your Instagram calendar and open a scheduled post.

Note: watch out for pop-up blockers. Disable them if you have them installed on your browser.

From the post modal, select Notifications and click Connect Profile.

From here, you’ll need to Authenticate your business profile with Facebook

Note: Authenticating your Facebook business profile with Later does not mean your scheduled posts will automatically publish to your Facebook! You must connect your actual Facebook pages and schedule a post in order for them to publish. 

Make sure to grant all permissions ✅

Now that you're ready just Finish Setup

Step 3: Schedule Single Image Posts to Auto Publish

Important: A reminder that Instagram only allows single image and video posts to Auto Publish. Carousel posts will still need to be published via Later’s mobile notification.

Go to your Instagram calendar and drag an image or video to schedule. Next add a caption and hashtags.

By default the post will be scheduled as an Auto Publish post, so make sure to select Notification if you’d like your post to be published via Later's mobile notifications.

Tip: If you already have single image and video posts scheduled for Instagram, make sure to open each one and set to Auto Publish. 

Open the post and switch from Notifications to Auto Publish.

And you're ready to go!

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