What’s better than Later? Later with a team!

Later is designed to help you efficiently manage multiple Instagram profiles while collaborating with multiple team members all from one Later account. Plus with Groups you can organize your photos, videos and social profiles into one group and invite specific team members to help you plan and schedule your visual content. 

  • How many team members can you add? This depends on the number of users (team members) allowed on your paid plan.
  • Only Primary Account Owners can add or remove team members.
  • Team members can only be added/removed from later on the web
  • an email can only be associated with 1 Later account.

How to invite a new Team Member:

1. Go to Later on the web and select Account Settings and go to Team Members

2. Click Add Team Member

3. Enter team member's Name and Email (this will be their login email)

4. Send the Invite by clicking Invite Team Member

Now wait for your teammate to receive an Invite Email to create a login password

Note: an email can only be associated with 1 Later account. If the email you are adding already exists in the system please make sure to use another.

Add Team Members to a Group:

If you're on a paid plan you can invite specific team members to a join a group. 

  1. From the Social Profiles & Group Admin page, select the Team Members tab
  2. Next click Add Team Members

3. Finally, select Add beside the name of the team member you’d like to invite to this group.

Remove a Team Member from Later

  1. Sign into your account in Later on the web
  2. Go to Account Settings and then to Team Members 
  3. Click Delete to remove the Team Member
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